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What To Expect On Your Cleaning Day

What to Expect on Cleaning Day


Our cleaning team will arrive at your home, meet with you if you are home, and check for notes if you are not. Please give them your areas of focus in-person or via note if anything has changed since your in-home consultation, so they can always be updating your priorities into the plan for your home. If you want them to clean exactly according to the plan discussed with the salesperson during your in-home consultation, no notes are required.


Next, they will assess the home's cleanliness and develop a plan to meet green cleaning expectations on time. The team will split up and go to work focusing on our basic standards. The Supervisor will be assessing the progress throughout the clean and will identify what extra items they will be able to complete with any spare time. Extras are completed on a rotating seasonal basis. From time to time, we will contact you to suggest extras we notice during our visits and to request more time for them, if needed.  


You can be home during your appointment, but do not be offended if your team does not have a long time to chat, they are only trying to get you the most value for your money.


Cleaning Times

2-Hour Window For Appointment Start Times

The team should arrive within 1 hour on either side of the scheduled start time that has been communicated to you. This means that the team could arrive as early as 1 hour before the start time and as late as 1 hour after the start time. For example, if you have a 2:00pm appointment scheduled, they could arrive as early as 1:00pm and as late as 3:00pm. Arrival time depends on many factors: homes that preceded yours that day, traffic, construction and employee breaks.


Appointment Scheduling

We lock your appointment into a scheduled spot which is assigned to a specific cleaning team. If your regular team is unavailable due to illness, injury or vacation, the time may change to ensure we can get all scheduled jobs completed as planned. We will not reschedule your regular cleaning day if your team does change. 


We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and closed on weekends and most major holidays. Your appointment will be scheduled within a 2-hour window allowing our team some flexibility to deal with traffic and other delays. We will contact you if we are delayed for any reason unless you specify that you will not be home during your appointment. 


Time in your home

We divide the total cleaning hours for your job by the number of cleaners we send to get the actual time spent in your home. If we quote your job at 8 hours, a team of 2 will get the clean done in 4 hours. A team of 3 will get it done in 2 hours and 40 minutes. 


Cleaning Teams

Unless otherwise notified by us, your home will be serviced by a team of two or three cleaners. Our teams consist of a Supervisor that is in charge of the cleaning team, and an Assistant or two. Teams of two or three ensure the safety and security of our cleaners and allow us to efficiently tackle all of the cleaning while minimizing the time we are in your home. We will make every effort to ensure that the same Supervisor is in charge of your home each and every time, for the sake of familiarity and consistency. You can expect communication from us should your cleaning team ever change. See our ABOUT US page for more information about our amazing team of cleaners. We can accommodate larger jobs with advance notice.


All members of our cleaning teams agree to a thorough background check prior to employment with Happy Earth Cleaning, LLC. Our office and field staff all hail from the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area; you're supporting local business when you book with Happy Earth. 


Preparing For Your Appointment 

It is helpful for us if you pick up some before we arrive, to allow us to focus on deep cleaning your home. For example, if dishes are left in the sink, we will need to wash them prior to cleaning the rest of the kitchen, as we need access to a water supply to clean your kitchen. An empty sink allows us to focus on deep cleaning your kitchen and the rest of your home. The extra time will allow us to get to some of the items on our "extra" list. You do not need to be home during your appointment, only during the initial in-home consultation. We are fully insured and bonded to allow you the comfort to trust that our cleaners will respect your home and belongings.


Home Access (keys/codes)

We prefer that you have a lock-box available on your cleaning day to allow us access to your key and your home. You can put the lock-box out on your cleaning day and take it back inside after our visit for maximum security. Please let us know any access or alarm codes so we can enter and turn the alarm off, if needed. Once we are finished, we will re-secure your home and place the key(s) in the lock box. We recommend this Master Lock Key Lock Box for its ease of use and affordability. If there is no other option but to give us a key, we will take it. We have a key safe that is used to keep all customers’ keys on lockdown at Happy Earth HQ when not in use. We are fully insured in the event of key loss and our cleaners are trained in the importance of managing customers’ keys in a secure manner. 


Cleaning Recaps

You can expect to receive a recap (e-mail - paperless and green) from your team’s Supervisor after every cleaning visit. We use these recaps to communicate individually to each of our customers details about what was completed in their home, what we plan on doing during the next visit, any special circumstances encountered in the home and the next 4 future cleaning dates. 


Please use these recaps as your chance to communicate directly with the Supervisor that will be in your home. You can let him/her know when you are happy with their work or if you have some constructive feedback regarding the service. We love feedback, it is the backbone of how we continue to grow and improve. Please let us know how you honestly feel about your service. ​