Rates & Payment

We charge $52.00 (+ tax) per cleaning hour. 

1 Cleaner = 1 Cleaning Hour, we send teams of at least 2 cleaners to each job.

We do not accept jobs under 2 hours ($104.00 + tax). If we send 2 cleaners to your home for 2 hours of cleaning, the work will be completed in 1 hour. Sales tax is charged on all services and is calculated based on your address. 

Additional charges may apply for parking if your home or office resides in an area where only paid parking is available.

We start charging after the teams get into your home and begin cleaning. This allows the team to get acclimated to your appointment without you being charged. Unlike some competitors, we allow the teams to unload the car and get into the home without the pressure of being on the clock. This can save you up to 30 minutes of paid time each visit versus similar competitors in the Minneapolis area. 

Our teams clean until the end of your paid time. We never leave early and will work on Extras if we have spare time after all items on your personalized plan are completed. 

Payment for Service

We accept cash, checks, bill-pay, and all major credit cards. Credit card payments are processed within 24 hours of service using your card on file, unless you have reason to delay payment. Please call our Dispatcher Zach Dennis at 612-516-7112 to put your card on file or update your card information. You can also leave a check visibly on-site for the team to collect, or set up bill-pay with your bank or other financial institution. If you pay in cash, please leave it visible and clearly labeled for "Happy Earth." We are not otherwise in the habit it taking cash from your home or office.

Payments not received prior to the next service or within 30 days (whichever comes first) will result in a suspension of service and the total past due amount will be sent to collections after 60 days of non-payment.


Tipping your team is encouraged, but not mandatory. Tips are never expected but always appreciated. You can add a tip to your check or credit card payment (which is then added to your cleaners' paychecks). If you tip in cash, please make sure it's clearly labeled for "Happy Earth" because, again, we're not otherwise in the habit of taking cash from your home or office.

Green Cleaning Kit

Green Cleaning Kit

$35.00Regular Price$25.00Sale Price

Everything you need to green-up your home clean-up.

Packed responsibly with our best non-toxic products and procedures.

1822 Como Ave SE

Minneapolis, MN 55414

(612) 516-7112

Hours: 9AM - 5PM, M - F


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We are the only green cleaning cooperative in Minnesota.

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