Happy Earth. Happy Home.

2937 Lyndale Ave S, Ste 10

Minneapolis, MN 55408

(612) 516-7112


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We provide green cleaning in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota.

Go to our Service Area Map to see if you are in our service area!

General Manager

Rachel B.

What brings me joy: My kittens, Ripley & Zero

My favorite animal: LLAMAS. (and alpacas!)

Something I'm a boss at: Bumbling around incompetently so other people feel better about themselves? Being weird? IDK (also making interesting facial expressions)

My favorite quote: "My leg!" - Guy from SpongeBob

One of my heroes: Whoever invented cheese.

What motivates me: Making everything good and happy! … and FOOD.

Rachel also plays flute in the City of Lakes Community Band.