Happy Earth. Happy Home.

2937 Lyndale Ave S, Ste 10

Minneapolis, MN 55408

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We Provide Green Cleaning in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

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Our Philosophy

A People Company that Cleans


Happy Planet


We believe in happiness (obviously), and we believe happiness likes to trickle down. The top of the chain is a healthy planet. In keeping the Earth happy, we promise to…


-Use only eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic cleaning supplies like:


-Baking soda

-Coconut oil

-Hydrogen Peroxide

-Bon Ami

-Dr. Bronner’s essential oil soaps


-Reduce a vast majority of our paper usage with an iPad fleet.


-Eliminate one-time-use products from our day-to-day.


-Reuse cloth diapers, supplied by Do Good Diaper Service, as our main cleaning sponge/rag.


-Implement recycling/reuse programs to further reduce operations waste.



Happy Community


The next link down the happiness chain is community. When the planet is healthy, it can support happy neighborhoods. In supporting Minneapolis and St. Paul, we pledge to…


-Keep our customer’s fuzzy friends happy. All employees are pet-friendly (pet-motivated is more accurate), and we’ve been known to build cleaning plans around special animal needs. Pets are people, too!


-Provide resources for our employees and customers to adopt their own green living habits.


-Clean the streets of Minneapolis pro bono whenever we get the chance.


-Work with Second Harvest Heartland to collect food for our neighbors in need.


-Unite local businesses in celebration of Earth Day, and encourage an attitude of “Earth Day is everyday”.


-Pour heart and soul into our Soo Line Community Garden plots.


-Promote other Mpls and St. Paul businesses fighting the good, green fight.



Happy People


Next comes the most valuable link in the happiness chain, our people. We prefer to hire artists and other creative types, so we can support the culture they create off the clock. Teamwork, equality and open communication are all vital to operating an humanistic cleaning service. For that reason, our team can rely on us to…


-Make our employees our own. There’s no “contracting” or 1099’s around here, all employees file W-2s for standard deductions on their hourly, full-time work.


-Pay competitive, livable wages. Our Cleaning Assistants make $10/hr, Supervisors $12/hr, and office staff $13+/hr. We’ve scheduled a raise into the baseline Assistant level, to raise it to $12/hr as soon as we can afford it, with raises also built into the other wage levels.


-Reimburse the federally suggested $0.54/mile so they can fuel, maintain and insure their car for the miles they drive while working.


-Pay regular, hourly wages for all time spent on the job: driving time, cleaning time and office time.


-Foster non-competitive promotion from within.


-Offer an IRA enrollment program.

-Pay regular hours for up to 6 sick days for each employee every year.

-Offer 1 week of paid vacation after 1 year of cleaning and 2 weeks after 3 years.

-Encourage growth through paid development.


-Provide a Costco membership.



The final link in the happiness chain is you, our customer. A happy Earth, community and cleaning team mean a naturally fresh and happy home.