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Cancellation Policy

ALL SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS MUST BE CANCELED NO LESS THAN 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Failure to notify Happy Earth Cleaning, LLC of cancellation two (2) workdays in advance will result in a $98 (+tax) cancellation fee. Leaving your home inaccessible can also result in a cancellation fee if it prevents the team from entering your home in a timely manner on cleaning day.

Miss & Mistake Policies

Because we hire cleaning people and not cleaning robots, your team will occasionally miss some cleaning tasks in your home. Other times, they might make a mistake while cleaning. 


Bottom line, we don't make mistakes on purpose. Our teams strive only for excellence, and they want to hear from you any time they miss that mark. Please reply to your Supervisor's customer recap (sent after each appointment) with any critical feedback you might have. The team will use your direct feedback as a vehicle of development and improvement; they listen to and incorporate your perspective to prevent future mistakes. 


If you've experienced a high volume of misses in one cleaning, a free make-up appointment may be necessary to fix the items missed during the initial cleaning. Happy Earth management will request photos of the misses along with a list of items missed within 36 hours of the appointment-in-question to accurately asses the misses for you. They will use the timing in your plan to determine the total time allotment for all the misses, and then schedule a make-up appointment for that amount of time at no extra cost to you. Time may be added to a future appointment if a return visit is not needed. Additionally, future cleaning credits and discounts can be applied if the misses caused inconvenience. This is how we stand behind our work - by working in collaboration with our customers to make sure their expectations are being met.


But remember: just as we are not always right, we also believe that the customer is not always right. Happy Earth management analyses evidence from ALL angles (the customer, the cleaners, the plan, etc.) when investigating misses and calculating fair reimbursement.

Broken Item Policies

Our teams handle 1,000's of objects while cleaning and dusting every month, and sometimes customer items get broken.

First off, if you have anything in your home that absolutely cannot get broken, PLEASE TELL US. We would prefer to avoid cleaning these things, and we'll note them as "untouchable" in your customer file. Heirlooms, inheritances, priceless works of art, sentimental items and expensive objects are some examples of things we'd rather avoid.


For all other broken items, we can reimburse the cost in a number of ways:

1)    Direct replacement. This is the best option if you know the make/model of the item, and it (or an equivalent) can be readily found online or in store. 

2)    An equivalent amount of free cleaning. If we can accurately pinpoint the value of the item, we can provide free cleaning in that amount to compensate for the break.

3)    Direct reimbursement. We can compensate you monetarily for the value of any broken items.


In all cases, additional future discounts can be applied if any broken items caused extra inconvenience. 

Feedback Policies

We love feedback of all sorts about our business and our teams. We strive for perfection with all customers, but sometimes we miss the mark. Other times, we far exceed expectations. Please let us know about your experience any time you feel the need. We appreciate your business and understand that we cannot grow and improve without listening and adapting based on your feedback. We are always looking for your input, and we implement suggestions from both customers and employees that often go on to positively impact our business. Please email your Supervisor or tcrouse@happyearthcleaning.com with any feedback. We share feedback with our cleaning teams to help them grow and get better at their job. 

Winter Weather Policies

For the safety of our teams, we do reserve the right to call a “snow day” if the weather is bad, especially in the morning. Happy Earth Cleaning, LLC does not operate cleaning teams on snow days. All appointments that day will be rescheduled and customers will not be subject to a cancellation fee. We apologize in advance for any issues this may cause.


Again for the safety of our teams, please keep the access pathway to your home free of snow and ice. Supervisors reserve the right to decide on-the-spot if a home has properly maintained sidewalks, driveways, stairs, etc. If your Supervisor decides it’s too dangerous to carry heavy equipment over any poorly maintained pathways, they will skip the cleaning appointment and you will be charged a cancellation fee (per the “inaccessible” reason listed in the “Cancellation Policy” above).

Summer Weather Policies

Once again, for the safety of our teams, please do your best to keep your home at a decent temperature during your summertime cleaning appointments. Cleaning is physical work that becomes dangerous in conditions that are too warm. Supervisors have been instructed to vacate any home warmer than 85 degrees, and to take a photo of thermostat or thermometer readings as evidence. If this happens in your home, you will be charged a cancellation fee per the “inaccessible” reason listed in the “Cancellation Policy” above.


If you communicate effective ways to cool your home, Supervisors will try those first before cancelling the appointment. Some ideas include:


1)    Leaving windows open for the team to close (please communicate which windows should be closed again).

2)    Giving the team permission to open and re-secure windows on their own. They will re-secure opened windows.


3)    Leaving the AC on for the team (please communicate if you would like it shut off after they leave).


4)    Giving the team permission to start and shut off the AC on their own.



Security Policies

Doors we open during your clean will be locked while in the home, and again upon exit. Windows we open will be closed and locked again upon exit. Alarms we disarm will be re-armed. Keys we extract from a lockbox will be placed back in the lockbox, and the lockbox will be left where it was found. Keys that come back to the office for us to keep will be stored in our key safe until your next appointment.


Our cleaners do not open any closed doors, cabinets or drawers. They need express permission from you to open any area that’s closed off. For example, when taking your trash out and replacing the garbage bag, you need to give your team permission to open the cabinet where you keep the liner bags.


We will not remove anything but dust, dirt and grime from your home.


We are licensed, bonded and insured against any security issues that might arise.

Smoking Policy

The state of Minnesota has banned smoking in the workplace. With that in mind, we do not work in homes where the customer smokes inside. Likewise, our teams are only allowed to smoke during unpaid breaks during the work day and should not smell like smoke in your home. 

Insurance and Bonding

Our insurance agent will provide proof of our insurance upon request. Please email info@happyearthcleaning.com or call our office at 612-516-7112 if you need to initiate such a request.