Happy Earth. Happy Home.

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We Provide Green Cleaning in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

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The crafty extra-curriculars of our Happy Earthlings

Eco-Warriors #3: Part of the Solution

It's a "coloring comic book" - a coloring book that happens to be a comic book! Homemade and hand-assembled by our Happy Earthlings for children of all ages to celebrate our planet. Current customers, request a free copy from your regular Supervisor.


"A new twist on the dime-store magazines of old."

From Sic Semper Serpent

Sic Semper Serpent - Tom Crouse
Sic Semper Serpent is the pulp publishing venture of Sales Manager Tom Crouse and Supervisor Jason Belden.
The extraordinary hip-hop artist RZ Shahid is our very own supervisor RZ.
Supervisor Rachel Battles plays flute in the City of Lakes Community Band.