The crafty extra-curriculars of our Happy Earthlings

Eco-Warriors #3: Part of the Solution

It's a "coloring comic book" - a coloring book that happens to be a comic book! Homemade and hand-assembled by our Happy Earthlings for children of all ages to celebrate our planet. Current customers, request a free copy from your regular Supervisor. Issue #3 available now!

Past Issues

Eco-warriors #1

"Save Our Water!"

Illustrated by Zach Dennis

Written by Tom Crouse


Eco-warriors #2

"Activists for Life!"

Illustrated by LA & Jason Belden

Written by Tom Crouse

Based on characters by Zach Dennis



"A new twist on the dime-store magazines of old."

From Sic Semper Serpent

Sic Semper Serpent - Tom Crouse
Sic Semper Serpent is the pulp publishing venture of Sales Manager Tom Crouse and Supervisor Jason Belden.
Buy our Dispatcher Zach Dennis's art on his Society6 page.
General Manager Rachel Battles plays flute in the City of Lakes Community Band.

Read original pieces by our Supervisor Fran on his creative writing blog

Green Cleaning Kit

Green Cleaning Kit

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Everything you need to green-up your home clean-up.

Packed responsibly with our best non-toxic products and procedures.

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