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Minneapolis, MN 55408

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We Provide Green Cleaning in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

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Community Garden

Happy Earth has been a part of the Soo Line Community Garden in our Lyn/Lake neighborhood since the summer of 2015. Led by our very own garden enthusiast (and company owner), Marion, our plot is carefully planned, planted and tended by Happy Earthlings throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall growing season of Minnesota. And starting in 2017, we'll be tending two plots instead of one.
All produce is shared among employees, with first preference going to those employees who did the most planning, watering, gardening, weeding and harvesting throughout the growing season. But we consistently grow enough edible, organic foods to provide extra nutrition to everyone on staff. Tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, carrots and basil remain perennial favorites, but we start each year afresh whenever the Spring Territorial Seed Company catalog arrives in our mailbox.