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The Eco-warriors are the official mascots of Happy Earth Cleaning. We've long called ourselves eco-warriors. And we like to draw cartoons. Hey, presto! Illustrated mascots.

The Eco-warriors were designed by Happy Earth Supervisor Zach Dennis. They debuted during our 2016 Earth Day Event in issue #1 of their comic book series. Every year, another issue in the series is released for free to all attendants of our annual Earth Day Celebration. The comic books are done in a color-your-own-adventure style, meaning they double as coloring books.

As you might expect, the Eco-warriors are young activists that seek to create positive change and sustainable growth in their community. They're concerned mostly with environmental issues, which often give rise to political issues. Most importantly, they have the courage to confront real issues head-on, and to take whatever action is needed.

From their HQ under Minnehaha Falls, our merry band of Eco-warriors stand and fight for the Earth!

Violet Ray

Favorite Food: Wild Rice Soup

Favorite Activity: Gardening (and writing poetry)

Favorite Book: Harriet the Spy

Favorite Movie: Coraline

Bio: Violet is a thinker. When not writing poetry, you’ll find her with a local kid’s theater group. Violet writes their skits. And even though she has stage fright, she performs sometimes, too. In her free time, you’ll find her tending her garden. “Food tastes better when you grow it yourself,” she says. Otherwise, Violet is happy curling up with a good book next to her Eco Warrior friend, Willy!   


Bradley Waters

Favorite Food: Roasted Sweet Corn

Favorite Activity: Riding Bike

Favorite Book: James and the Giant Peach

Favorite Movie: Jumanji

Bio: Bradley is an adventurer. He explores local paths and trails on his bicycle, if he’s not busy hunting morel mushrooms along the Mississippi River. The Eco Warriors hideout under Minnehaha Falls was discovered by Bradley. He wants to learn how to build a canoe so he can paddle around his favorite places in the North Woods. When he’s stuck indoors, Bradley likes to play Star Fox.



Willy the Raccoon

Favorite Food: Day-old Donuts

Favorite Activity: Dumpster Diving

Favorite Book: The Wind in the Willows

Favorite Movie: Pocahontas

Bio: Willy is a hard worker. He digs through dumpsters to find the food people throw out, making sure nothing goes to waste. He also sorts out recycling people have accidentally thrown in the garbage. One day, while going on an adventure in northern Minnesota, the Eco Warriors met Willy. They saw him cleaning up trash and knew he would make the perfect sidekick. Willy has been an official Eco Warrior ever since, going on adventures with Brad and Violet in the name of saving the planet! He also likes to play Star Fox with Brad and read with Violet.

Past Comic Book Issues

Meet the Eco-warriors!

Eco-warriors #1

"Save Our Water!"

Illustrated by Zach Dennis

Written by Tom Crouse