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(Happy) Earth Day

What: Family-friendly Earth Day Celebration

When: Saturday closest to April 22nd

Where: Happy Earth Cleaning HQ

Cost: $0

As you probably guessed, we love Earth Day. It comes on April 22 every year, and every year we celebrate it. Well, every year since 2014, anyway.


And when we celebrate, we go big.

Happy Earth supplies everything needed for seed planting, button-making, green cleaning demos, photo booths, arts & crafts and other eco-friendly activities.


Mesa Pizza and the CookieCart usually join us to cater a delicious one-two punch of local food. 

We like to partner with an environmental, political or educational non-profit organization (or two) for depth of community engagement. They add their own fun to the party. Past partners include Clean Water Action, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute. Often, the partner organization(s) relate to the theme our Eco-warriors are exploring that year. Who are the Eco-warriors, you ask? 

Earth Day is the time of year when our illustrated mascots - the Eco-warriors - find renewed purpose. Each year to celebrate the holiday, we release the next issue of the ongoing Eco-warriors journey. Each issue of the comic book is a color-your-own adventure story, free to all children (and children at heart) who attend our Earth Day party.


Did we mention everything is free? The event, the pizza, the cookies, the activities, the goodies, the fun, the knowledge and the comic books - all free for you and your family.

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