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We are the only green cleaning cooperative in the Twin Cities metro of Minnesota.

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Our Coronavirus Response


3/23/20 - 4/5/20



The outbreak of COVID-19 in our community and around the globe emphasizes the importance of our long-established green cleaning practices (some of which are effective against the virus). But this global health issue and its economic threats will require more than cleaning (wash those hands and stay inside, people). We have completely shut down our cleaning operations to mitigate its spread, despite the financial impact on our co-op. Our response to this situation has evolved swiftly, and our multi-faceted approach has many layers involving all employees and customers of our cooperative.


Scheduling & Waitlist

We have completely ceased all operations from Monday, March 23rd until Sunday, April 5th. Management will be available on a limited basis during the closure, please email rather than call. If it seems safe and responsible, we will resume cleaning appointments for existing customers on Monday, April 6th. Resuming our operations might be gradual, on a limited basis, at first. There is always a chance we will have to remain closed beyond April 6th, in which case we will update this website and email customers. All new customers will be placed on a waitlist. New consultations will likely resume at least a week or two after the cleaning operations resume.


Cancellation Fee

We have temporarily waived our cancellation fee. We will not charge any customer a cancellation fee for any reason, until further notice. Customers, if you or anyone in your home has displayed symptoms of (or tested positive for) COVID-19, please let us know immediately. We will be forced to suspend your appointments for a while, assuming we're operating at all. We also strongly encourage our elderly (65+) and immuno-compromised customers to cancel/postpone their appointments in the name of safety - again, we have not had any staff show symptoms or test positive for the virus at this time, but we are wary of sending anyone who may be an asymptomatic carrier into your home.


Sick Leave and PTO

All of our employees have paid sick time, some have paid time off, and management is exploring all options to finance extra time off for everyone. We have a flexible lender, co-op allies, and great insurance, all of which we may need to see this through. The goal is to make sure all of our employees can pay rent, whether in quarantine or not. Governor Tim Walz pledged unemployment benefits for hourly MN employees with schedules affected by the virus, and many members of our staff will apply. There's no sugarcoating it: Our revenue comes from providing a service, and when that service stops, it strains our little co-op and our entire network of support.


Hydrogen Peroxide & SAL SUDS

You've probably heard that hydrogen peroxide is effective against Coronavirus. We've always used it to sanitize brushes, vacuum attachments, and other tools to eliminate cross-contamination. You should use it on your home's surfaces, handles, and knobs for the same reason. According to our research, Dr. Bronner's concentration SAL SUDS is also effective at permeating and breaking down COVID-19's lipid envelope. You should get a bottle for your home and start using it to do your dishes, laundry, and even mix with water for an all-purpose surface cleaner. We're using it now more than ever. Let's all be a little more clean AND eco-friendly during this time.


The Basics

Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Don't touch your face. Cover sneezes and coughs. Sanitize your phone and common surfaces in your home daily. Limit overall social contact and avoid groups. Infants, the elderly, and the immunocompromised should isolate, but everyone can be a carrier whether displaying symptoms or not. Take caution. Stay in. Call your loved ones. Find something great to read. We've been reminding our staff of these things for a while, and they'll be important for everyone over the next few weeks (and beyond).


Questions, Comments, Concerns

There's no correct answer for a problem like COVID-19. We all must do everything we can to mitigate its spread in our community. Please email any suggestions, comments, questions, concerns, and inquiries to info@happyearthcleaning.com at any time during this pandemic. Our little co-op prides itself on responsiveness, but there may be a few delays as our management staff are majorly reducing their hours over the next few weeks.

In the Meantime...

(how to support us during the closure)

Help our little co-op stay afloat, buy a gift card for your friends, your family, or yourself to start cleaning service ASAP after this blows over.

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The decision to temporarily close was difficult, but our amazing community made it easy. The outpouring of support we received was downright heartwarming. Some customers offered to pre-pay for their services, others bought gift cards for friends or family, and everyone wanted to know how they could help. We are fortunate to have such an incredible community around us, and we can't thank you enough for being part of it. Don't worry, we'll pull through this together.