Our Coronavirus Response

The outbreak of COVID-19 in our community and around the globe emphasizes the importance of our long-established green cleaning practices (some of which are effective against the virus). But this global health issue and its economic threats will require more than cleaning (wash those hands and stay inside, people). We shut down our operations for a while, except for some commercial cleaning appointments, to mitigate its spread, despite the financial impact on our co-op. Our response to this situation has evolved swiftly, and our multi-faceted approach has many layers involving all employees and customers of our cooperative.


Hazard Pay

Our rate will temporarily increase to $52/hour on 9/14/20 to cover an extra $3/hour hazard pay for our entire cleaning staff. Depending on how long it takes to control the pandemic, this increase might become permanent.  


Cancellation Fee

Appointments cancelled less than 48 business hours (2 business days) in advance are subject to our $104 cancellation fee. If you need to cancel or reschedule any or all appointments, give us more than 48 business hours (2 business days) notice.


Hydrogen Peroxide & SAL SUDS

You've probably heard that hydrogen peroxide is effective against Coronavirus. We've always used it to sanitize brushes, vacuum attachments, and other tools to eliminate cross-contamination. Dr. Bronner's SAL SUDS is also effective at permeating and breaking down COVID-19's lipid envelope and is one of our regular products.


The New Normal

We have thorough new COVID-safe protocol implemented top-to-bottom into our new operations, from cleaning your home to running our office. Ask for full details.


Questions, Comments, Concerns

Email suggestions, questions, or concerns to info@happyearthcleaning.com at any time. Our little co-op prides itself on responsiveness, but there may be delays as our management staff works from remote.

Thank you!

This pandemic has been hard on us all. Our little cop-op is still alive thanks to our amazing customers. With an emergency loan from Shared Capital and coaching from Project Equity and Nexus Community Partners, we're going to get through this together.

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Hours: 9AM - 5PM, M - F


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We are the only green cleaning cooperative in Minnesota.

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