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We are the only green cleaning cooperative in the Twin Cities metro of Minnesota.

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Happy Earth Cleaning Services

Cleaning Products & Tools

Happy Earth Cleaning employs and trains professional cleaners to utilize only non-toxic products and reusable tools. All our materials are 100% eco-friendly, fragrance-free, and safe for people and pets of all shapes and sizes.

Cleaning Tasks: Basics vs. Extras

Basics = Tasks your cleaning team completes automatically in all rooms to be cleaned, unless you request otherwise.

Extras = Deeper cleaning tasks we complete by request; add them à la carte to any cleaning appointment.

Whole House/Office



  • Dust all surfaces, including items on surfaces

  • Vacuum furniture, if you have pets

  • Wash mirrors

  • Wash door handles

  • Wash light switches and switch plates

  • Vacuum rugs, carpet and hardwood floors

  • Mop hard floors

  • Staging (includes making beds)



  • Vacuum vents

  • Vacuum furniture, if you don't have pets

  • Vacuum/dust baseboards

  • Wash baseboards

  • High dust*

  • Dust ceiling fan*

  • Wash doors and frames

  • Wash window frames, sills and tracks

  • Sweep garage floor*

  • Grout cleaning on floors

  • Spot clean windows

  • Wash light fixtures, if possible

  • Vacuum cat towers and pet furniture

  • Dust wood blinds

  • Dust walls and wainscoting

  • Dust and wash radiators

  • Recycling and trash removal from all easily accessible wastebaskets

  • Leave clean sheets out for bed turnover


Items marked with * require advance notice as special tools and equipment are needed



  • Clean shower/tub enclosure

  • Clean toilet, base, and any exposed plumbing

  • Dust all exposed surfaces

  • Clean countertop

  • Clean sink and backsplash

  • Clean mirror

  • Dust TP holder, towel racks and plumbing fixtures

  • Vacuum floors and mats

  • Hand wash floors


  • Wall tile grout cleaning

  • Floor tile grout cleaning

  • Clean inside of empty medicine cabinet, all items must be removed

  • Other "Whole House Extras"

Things We Don't Do


  • Laundry

  • Oven interiors

  • Exterior window washing

  • Dust metal Venetian blinds

  • Clean animal or human waste

  • Empty Diaper Genies

  • Empty cat litter boxes

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Insect-infested locations

  • Home organizing

  • Smoked-in locations




  • Spot clean cabinet fronts

  • Deep scrub stove top, polish front

  • Deep scrub sink

  • Polish water fixtures

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave

  • Clean all counter tops

  • Dust other surfaces

  • Wash backsplash by stove top and sink.

  • Wipe clean all appliances

  • Wash outside of easily accessible trash cans

  • Vacuum floors, mats, and rugs

  • Mop hard floors




  • Clean inside of refrigerator and freezer, must be unplugged

  • Polish stainless steel appliances

  • Wash cabinet fronts

  • Vacuum and clean cabinet interiors

  • Floor tile grout cleaning

  • Empty toaster tray

  • Other "Whole House Extras"

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Cleaning Appointments

We perform all manner of one-time and ongoing cleaning appointments for domestic and commercial spaces during weekday hours from 9am - 5pm. In the name of work/life balance, we never clean during weekends, evenings, overnights, federal holidays or snow days.

On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Cleaning plans built to match your unique home needs. Includes basics in all areas, plus necessary and preferred extras as you choose.

On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Cleaning plans built to match your unique office needs. Includes basics in all areas, plus necessary and preferred extras as you choose.

For apartment complexes, duplexes and offices, we clean public spaces like hallways, stairwells and bathrooms. Our basics are often enough for common areas.

Move-out or move-in cleans, Spring cleans, event cleans: We make one-time appointments easy! Includes basics and often many extras in all areas. For homes and offices.

Ready to get started?

We love pets!

(and most people)

Happy Earth Cleaning Co-op is a Minnesota cleaning service specializing in personalized, eco-friendly deep cleaning for homes and offices in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding suburbs.


We understand that you and your home are unique. We utilize a free, in-home consultation to customize a plan specifically for your home or office, ensuring your satisfaction after each and every visit (whether it's 1 or 100).


Request a FREE consultation with one of our salespeople to meet with you on location and build a custom cleaning plan. 


Our cleaning teams focus on all of the basics you would expect, while completing "extras" as time permits. Happy Earth Cleaning Cooperative loves pets and uses 100% non-toxic, green cleaning products which are safe for everyone.


Contact us today to see how we can work together to make a difference in your life, in your home and in our environment.

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