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We Provide Green Cleaning in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

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Cleaning Tasks

Basics and Extras

We consider "basic" cleaning tasks to be things that our customers want completed every visit, unless a prior agreement has been made due to time constraints. We can rotate through some lower-need basics over time to maximize our time while in your home. The expectations for the basics in your home will be set during the free in-home consultation, which happens before any cleaning appointments are scheduled.


Our goal is to always exceed your expectations. Overall, your home will become cleaner with each visit. If we ever disappoint your expectations, please let us know through constructive feedback so we can coach our team and make it right.


“Extras” are items that we will work to complete during each visit, but only if we are done with all of the basics and have extra time. We also rotate through the extra tasks to give your home a year-round clean feeling. Extras are only completed if time permits, but extra time can always be scheduled if you need more than your usual visit allows. Ask us for more information during your in-home consultation.

Things We Don't Clean

We do not clean in toxic environments. We are domestic home cleaners, not a HAZMAT crew. For cross-contamination and OSHA reasons, we do not clean:

  • Animal waste

  • Bodily fluids/human waste

  • Litter boxes

  • Diaper Genies.

  • Insect infested homes or areas

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Full window cleaning, especially exterior windows

  • Large-scale organizational jobs

  • Laundry

  • Smoked-in homes

  • Anything above our reach on a 2-step ladder

  • Metal Blinds

  • Oven Interiors

We do not move heavy furniture. 

Whole House



  • Dust all surfaces, including items on surfaces.

  • Vacuum furniture, if you have pets.

  • Wash mirrors.

  • Wash door handles.

  • Wash light switches and switch plates.

  • Vacuum rugs, carpet and hardwood floors.

  • Mop hard floors.

  • Staging.



  • Vacuum vents.

  • Vacuum furniture cushions, if you don't have pets.

  • Vacuum/dust baseboards.

  • Wash baseboards.

  • High dust.**

  • Wash ceiling fan.**

  • Wash doors and frames

  • Wash window frames, sills and tracks.

  • Sweep garage floor.**

  • Grout cleaning on floors.

  • Spot clean windows.

  • Wash light fixtures, if possible.

  • Vacuum cat towers and pet furniture.

  • Dust wood blinds.

  • Dust walls and wainscoting.

  • Dust and wash radiators.

  • Recycling and trash removal from all easily accessible wastebaskets.


Items marked with ** required advance notice as special tools and equipment are needed.



  • Clean shower/tub enclosure.

  • Clean toilet, base, and any exposed plumbing.

  • Dust all exposed surfaces. 

  • Clean countertop.

  • Clean sink and backsplash.

  • Clean mirror. 

  • Polish TP holder, towel racks and plumbing fixtures.

  • Hand wash floors.

  • Dust light fixture(s).

  • Vacuum.


  • Wall tile grout cleaning.

  • Floor tile grout cleaning.

  • Clean inside of empty medicine cabinet. All items must be removed

Bedroom Tasks


  • Stage bed and pillows.

  • Dust all accessible surfaces.

  • Vacuum floors.

  • Mop hard floors.


  • Leave sheets on bed and bedding will be changed. Will take extra time if not built into your plan.

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  • Spot clean cabinet fronts.

  • Deep scrub stove top, front and range hood. 

  • Deep scrub sink.

  • Polish water fixtures.

  • Clean inside and outside of microwave.

  • Clean all counter tops.

  • Dust other surfaces.

  • Wash backsplash by stove top and sink.

  • Wipe clean all appliances.

  • Wash outside of easily accessible trash cans.

  • Vacuum floors.

  • Mop hard floors.




  • Clean inside of refrigerator and freezer. Must be unplugged.

  • Polish stainless steel appliances.

  • Wash cabinet fronts.

  • Vacuum and clean cabinet interiors.

  • Floor tile grout cleaning.

  • Empty toaster tray.

Things We Don't Do


  • Laundry

  • Clean oven interiors.

  • Exterior window wash.

  • Clean animal waste.

  • Clean Diaper Genies.

  • Carpet cleaning.

  • Cat litter boxes.

  • Metal Venetian blinds.