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We Provide Green Cleaning in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

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Marion’s experience running a workforce began long before Happy Earth. After 20+ years of management experience in retail and food service environments, she knows the importance of good customer service and delivering satisfaction. When the negative culture of the “big box” world began to eat away at her spirit, Marion decided she’d rather scrub toilets than deal with more corporate bullcrap. Her husband Jesse surprised her one morning with the LLC license for “Happy Earth Cleaning” and encouraged her to quit her job. That was in 2010.


It’s been a slow climb since then. But it’s been a climb. Marion was 100% of the staff in the beginning, doing cleaning appointments and managing customer files entirely herself. Every small business growing pain and many years later, Happy Earth now has wind in its sails, a joyful work environment and a tremendous staff of artist-cleaners. It’s all a reflection of Marion’s genuine care, eye for detail and strong work ethic.


Marion has many ambitions to fulfill that include starting a non-profit and owning a house in her hometown of Seattle, WA. She loves all animals (but none more than dogs), coffee, gardening and reading. Above all, she loves owning a business with such potential to improve its community and its employees' lives.


Jesse is the “numbers guy” on a staff otherwise populated with artists. More than a decade of facilities management for a Fortune 500 company instilled in him the kind of knowledge and research instinct it takes to build a company from scratch. He started working full-time for Happy Earth in March of 2013, after spending the early years supporting his wife Marion from behind the scenes.


Long-term plans for wage and opportunity growth at Happy Earth are the direct result of Jesse’s business savvy. Measured growth over the first four years was made possible by his planning and action. His consistent and calm demeanor adds a sense of ease to even the most serious aspects of a cleaning company’s workload. Employees are at ease with an accessible leader like Jesse around, equally good for a joke or real life advice.


Jesse would like to see Happy Earth bring its green-cleaning joy to other cities, especially his hometown of Seattle, WA. He is a wizard in the kitchen and enjoys spending his free time experiencing local culture, watching cartoons and bonding with the cats. Jesse is most excited by the opportunities he has to help his staff develop personally and professionally.